Fumi Kato

born 1985 in Tokyo, Japan
lives and works in Leipzig, Germany


2014-2019 Post-graduate Study with Prof. Alba D’Urbano at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Meisterschüler)
2009-2013 Study Fine Art at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany (Diploma in Fine Art)
2005-2009 Study Painting at Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan (BA in Fine Art)

Selected Exhibitions

2022 “Lumbung Lounge”, Stellwerk Gallery, Kassel, Germany
2022 “Leipziger Jahresausstellung”, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, Germany
2021 “the topic is more or less housing” online exhibition
2020 “SEILAKT III–VI. On a Razor’s Edge” Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany
2020 “Fragile Wirklichkeiten” online and public spaces in the city of Leipzig
2019 “Palindromes-or the imaginary border” Palazzo Ziino, Palermo, Italy
2019 “Will the world find me?” Gallery 21 in Vorwerk-Stift, Hamburg, Germany
2019 “M19”, final exhibition of the post-graduate study 2019, Werkschauhalle , Leipzig, Germany
2019 “Travelogue”, Kontor 80, Leipzig, Germany

Scholarships & Grants
2022 NEUSTART grant, Kunstfonds
2022 working grant, The Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
2021 NEUSTART grant, Stiftung Kulturwerk
2020 “Denkzeit”-grant, Kulturstiftung des Fraistaates Sachsen
2009-2011 Scholorship for Foregn Study, Horita-Ikuei Foundation (Japan)