Fumi Kato

born 1985 in Tokyo, Japan
lives and works in Leipzig, Germany

2014-2019 Post-graduate Study in Intermesdia Class of Prof. Alba D’Urbano at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Meisterschüler)
2009-2013 Study Fine Art at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany (Diploma)
2005-2009 Study Painting at Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan (BA, with japanese national certification for curation)

Selected Exhibitions

2020 “SEILAKT III–VI. On a Razor’s Edge” Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig

2020 “Fragile Wirklichkeiten” online and public spaces in the city of Leipzig
2019 “Palindromes-or the imaginary border” Palazzo Ziino, Palermo, Italy
2019 “Will the world find me?” Gallery 21 in Vorwerk-Stift, Hamburg, Germany
2019 “M19”, final exhibition of the post-graduate study 2019, Werkschauhalle , Leipzig, Germany
2019 “Travel Report”, solo exhibition with final work for the post graduate study, Kontor80, Leipzig, Germany
2018 “an-archiv” at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
2017 “ID Cultural Memory in the Presence” at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig


2020 “Denkzeit”-grant, Kuturstiftung des Fraistaates Sachsen
2009-2011 Scholorship for Foregn Study, Hotta-Ikuei Foundation (Japan)